$2500 fine Hardware Brewing Co. for opening early.


We received a letter of imposed 2500.00 fine from the HBC for opening early.

Idaho State Police raided Hardware Brewing Co, in force.


The Idaho State Police raided Hardware Brewing Co, in force, with a warrant brought by ISP investigating officer, Jacob Schwecke.

Up to 15 Troopers arrived in bullet proof vests, in Kendrick Idaho, Population 360. They surrounded the building, positioned their cruisers throughout the town and ordered staff to leave, and only allowed the owners to be in the building with five ISP Troopers. The Owners were told they were not allowed to use their phones to make any calls or take photos, they were told if they did not comply they would “turn this place upside down”. The Troopers stayed for just over 3 hours, retrieving data on thumb drives from the owner’s computers, and they left with a hard drive. They stated they were “Investigating a Crime” of a vehicle accident May 9th. In the owner’s opinion this was a tremendous use of taxpayer resources for a non-fatal single motorcycle accident investigation. In the Owner’s opinion, this appeared like a training/practice drill for the ISP for future potential actions on citizens. The Owners are not dangerous, not felons, they are working citizens in their mid-sixties.
​All of this is taking place since the owners opened the Brewery earlier than Governor Little’s mandates.

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